Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sealed with a kiss!

How many have being anxiously awaiting  for a package to arrive but will never see it delivered? Well let me tell you the journey I went through for the past 2 long weeks! So my anticipated package carried my secret stamp from THE GREETING FARM. I waited and waited and waited until I ran out of patience and decided to reach the  company, to my surprise my stamp had been delivered over a week ago according to tracking number, delivered to who? NOT ME!!! Ugh was so disappointed that my package was delivered to who knows who and I say who knows who because it hasn't been found. So the company replaced this one time , my lovely stamp which arrived TODAY! Yes today!!! (Doing the happy dance) And of course the card I bring you today is the soooo anticipated one lol!!! Hope you like it 
                    Sealed with a kiss

These were the few colors used and I love it!!!! 

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