Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sealed with a kiss!

How many have being anxiously awaiting  for a package to arrive but will never see it delivered? Well let me tell you the journey I went through for the past 2 long weeks! So my anticipated package carried my secret stamp from THE GREETING FARM. I waited and waited and waited until I ran out of patience and decided to reach the  company, to my surprise my stamp had been delivered over a week ago according to tracking number, delivered to who? NOT ME!!! Ugh was so disappointed that my package was delivered to who knows who and I say who knows who because it hasn't been found. So the company replaced this one time , my lovely stamp which arrived TODAY! Yes today!!! (Doing the happy dance) And of course the card I bring you today is the soooo anticipated one lol!!! Hope you like it 
                    Sealed with a kiss

These were the few colors used and I love it!!!! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In due time

Oh my it's been more then a week since my last post!!! Have to say I have been blessed in many ways and with due time will be able to talk about it more openly. 
So wth that said decided to name this 
"In due time" 
This image is a gorjuss girl stamp I used copics and Tim Holtz distress ink. Hope you like just the way I do!!! Good day!!! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Thinking of you!

Well confirmed, not having Children at home gives me more time to create!!!! Jijijiji. So children return to school after a long cold winter fun break! Did I miss them? Yes of course I did , and this card was made thinking of the deep love I have for them! 
I was happy with myself since I was able  to accomplish the coloring and the putting it together PART, since that's where I'm lacking the most. Hope you like!!! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bestie for the day!!

I tend to get a lot of likes and comments on my bestie digi on Facebook and today noticed a lady mentioning that she love my simple card but so it happens that it's not a card just yet!!! Jijijiji. Like previously mention I have a hard time putting cards together. I think my mojo is long gone. And we'll of course will not allow the uncreativity  of putting my cards together Keep me from practicing my much needed coloring lol . 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Let's celebrate!!!

Amazing it's Friday! And feel VERY disappointed at myself for not posting as I wanted too. I guess having my children on winter break has been the main reason. Having to attend TO ALL 4 munchkins has been a challange for me this year due to my health. 
Any who I was ask a few months ago to be part of the @inky chicks behind the scenes Facebook group where different challenges take part , And this months challange was "anything goes" sponsored by Aliciabel, 
I decided for a clown image that was provided by the sponsor , many to choose from but thought that the one I chose was stinking cute !!! What  do you guys think ?!?! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Magnolia card!

Well hello to all. I would have to say I was overwhelmed with joy to have a good start to my blog. I'm still new and trying my best. 
Today I bring you a simple but cute (so I think) stamp image ... Magnolia stamp!!!

And finally ....

My card! :-) I need to admit it's not easy for me to put cards together. I think that one of my biggest mistakes when starting to scrapbook and / cardmaking was that I wanted ALL in the market. Now I have so much to choose from that it gets overwhelming. Does anyone one else have this problem?!?! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's get started!!

Ok well I have decided to try and post at least a crafting project a day. Today I've work with a #sherribaldy digi. So here we go 
So useally i always have friends asking for the color combinations and decided to start taking pictures in progress with the color top of the copic. Oh dear!!! I have to admit I'm extremely nervous and anxious to see how this idea works out. But for now I will have no more choice u til I become a pro at blogging jijiji 
Ok so pic number two has the BG COPIC Combination that was used. 
Ok so I'm almost done and all color combinations have been taken picture of I try to used repeated combinations so I won't have to try and remember later on what they are. So if I stick to a certain colors I know what I'm working with and so..... 
And here it is my finished Digi stamp... I hope you all like well not sure who you all are but hope that some day I have a few followers jijiji 

Craft corner and closet

My craft corner 
1 out of 2 sides from my craft closet!
2 out of 2. Many friends tell me I have a lot but one thing they don't know I have so much more hidden all over the house jijiji. That's what crafters do right?! 

So here we go with a new year!!!

Well hello everyone, well don't know who I'm saying hello to , since apperanlty I don't have any followers, but then again how can I have followers if I haven't posted in years lol!!! I wanted to participate on TGF blog hop and then realized I had my blog abandoned !!! Any who Im starting fresh today January 1, 2015. 
My daughter and I taking our first selfie next to our fireplace (which by the way is the first time we use it in 12 years 😳)