Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Its been a while

Yes!!! its been a pretty long time since I last posted and not to mention many changes in my life. Unexpected changes , should I mention some negative and many positive ,  but of course no need to mention or remember the bad but yet concentrate in the positive .
With that said im overwhelmed of joy with a recent relocation, yes relocation. As hard as it was 
I finally moved from my hometown Los Angeles Califronia. Was I expecting it? NOT AT ALL!!! 
But im happy I did, not only do I have my dream home but also 
get to see my biggest blessings,  my wonderful children enjoy their beautiful home and seeing them enjoy the freedom to run and play in a safe neighborhood makes up for all the tears I shed prior to moving.

In the process of the move and the unpacking
 I have been able to color and create just a tiny bit , here are a few

Colors Used
Hair.... C7, C9, B24
Dress....Y13, Y11

Colors Used 
Elephant C4,C5,C2,C0
Flower RV 14, RV13, Y38, Y19, Y15, YG05, YG01
Dress B02, B01, B00, V05
Cute and adorable Ellie Bouquet by Conie Fong 
which you could fine HERE

Another Conie Fong digi which you could fine 

Lil jelly belly by 
Sherri Ann Baldy which you could fine 


  1. Gorgeous coloring Susy. I hope you will continue to post on your blog. It gets easier the more that you use it. Love your house pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your home. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Gloria


  2. I forgot to tell you that the little elephant is my favorite with the bright colors. It is so adorable! Hugs, Gloria